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Welcome! My name is Ian and I am a professional (multimedia) artist/creative, with a Fine Art background. I am once again offering a range of workshops and classes - covering: u The 'traditional arts' - (including - pencil, watercolour, acrylic and oils (on canvas or board) u I am also giving classes in the 'computer & digital arts' - which might include illustration, design, 2D and 3D, animation, video editing, photo retouching... and even iPad 'painting' (more to follow, but contact me if interested) I am from Kenya (and South Africa) originally, (which explains the watercolour above and the wildlife paintings). I'm based in Hemel Hempstead (Hertfordshire), so my 'plan' is to hold classes within the Harpenden, Berkhampstead, Hemel Hempstead and St Albans areas, {in addition to having small classes at my home base} ... So, please show your interest by completing and sending me the response form below. (PS this is not a 'commitment to classes' response, but rather a way I can gauge interest, plus any suggestions or proposals you may have...)

Pencil and graphite -

My illustration on the left is an example of a particular style of mine and is quite advanced...

I will cover composition, (simple) perspective, sketching & planning.


Of course you may want to just concentrate on your drawing skills.

Watercolour -


Watercolour (or inks) -  For some this can be an intimidating mediums, but be assured, it doesn't need to be... In fact it can be a very satisfying medium to work with and one can work on a wide range of 'watercolour papers' - (some better and are easier to work with, than others). I will show you various 'options' you have and will also show you how to 'stretch and prepare' your paper onto a rigid board.


Acrylics -


A 'versatile' medium, which can be applied to a variety of surfaces and substrates.


Usually a quick-drying medium, but with certain additives, can feel similar to oils

Oils -


On canvas, board or 'oil papers'. Personally, I have always preferred canvas (from my art college days), but today one can purchase a variety of 'preprepared' board and papers.

Each medium, will of course require different materials and 'setting up', so although I can provide some of the 'main elements' – such as easels, or board for resting on or stretching watercolour paper etc. I will provide a list of what you will need to have and bring - according to the class and medium of course... (I may also sell a limited range of materials, but I really want to keep your costs down to a minimum) - And speaking of costs: u I would like to keep the costs as fair and affordable as possible, so I am looking at a 'tutorial rate' of £35 per hour for two-hour classes on a 'one-to-one' basis - (payable before or at each class.) u For the classes of 4 to 6 people (or more when possible), I will reduce the hourly rate to £25 p.h. (per two hour session) (To make payment easier, I have a 'PayPal' device that accepts - 'chip & PIN', 'Contactless' and 'Swipe')

Currently my classes are for ages 16 and up, but my daughter will soon be holding creative classes for the 'kids'...


As we are also like to give to charities and fund-raising events, I am open to holing classes and workshops for those 'less fortunate'...

All the work on this website is mine, so do feel free to view more samples of my work and/or read more about my background...

I have always been passionate about the visual arts and believe in having fun while being creative, so seeing others becoming more skilled, confident and successful also gives me a sense of satisfaction - Join me!


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