some of my high quality limited prints for sale

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Landscapes - limited edition hand-printed high quality signed prints...

I am printing these at A3 size, but larger art prints will be made on request...

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I am now selling (hand printed) reproductions of some of the work (and CARDS) I have been commissioned to create, design, illustrate or (3D) model over the years.

Much of it done during my time in South Africa - (which may be more apparent to the some)...


The posters below are printed up to A3+ size on high quality 'watercolour', 'canvas', or photo papers.

{I think they are reasonably priced at between £15 to £30}...On receipt of payment, I will personally mail your purchase(s) to you.... Locally (UK), I can send it flat in a padded envelope, but if it's going 'international', it may be better  sent rolled up in a tube - with international postage cost added....


commissioned poster - SA Breweries

'Don't drink & drive campaign

commissioned medical

(bi-lingual) poster

self-promo poster - 1990

commissioned poster for MSD/Logos Pharmaceuticals

commissioned series -

above & below

commissioned for ad campaign

coloured pencils

line and wash ink on board

I am also selling some of the many 3D models I have made over the years (such as the Nelson Mandela model)

and more recently, I am selling some 3D printed items - LINK TO HERE >>

I am of course, also available to take on commissions of paintings, illustration or 3D work, so please feel free to contact me: Ian Rossenrode

three from a series of commissioned adverts for Murray & Roberts

from an original oil on canvas painting

coloured pencils -

commissioned above & below

a number of my friends already have these limited edition prints as gifts,

but I have a few for sale ...